Saturday, August 27, 2011

Consignment Sale Season Rules - August 27, 2011

This entire pile of clothing for the kid cost me $32. Seven pairs of pants, six tops, a nice warm winter coat (with a detachable hood), and a bonus pair of baby pajamas from Hanna Andersson that will either become a gift (they're in perfect condition) or will be resold. Oh and a reusable bag that will become gift wrapping for one of the many birthday party presents I'll be buying over the next few months.

With this trip, the kid is pretty much set for the fall. She still needs a few sweaters or warmer tops - I have a weakness for cute cotton long-sleeved tops for her, particularly when they cost a dollar, so she has a lot of them.

Shopping for her is easy and so much fun. I used this consignment sale as a way to clear my head for a bit. It's been a very stressful few weeks when it comes to her new classroom, new routine, new teachers, and so on, and I had reached a breaking point on Friday. Taking a long walk with my headphones on, deep breaths, hugging a good friend, and stocking the closet for very little money - all things that helped me sort out my thoughts.

I may hit one (or two?) more sales for some last few things (I'm also looking for certain DVDs and two very specific toys) but I'm largely done for a few months. Whee.

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