Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Four - Four Freebies from the Mall Last Night - March 11, 2011

  1. I went to Aveda and scored a sample pack of their Smooth Infusion Hair Care line. (Freebie seems to be gone from their site, but the store may still offer this deal if you ask.) It's a nice little set and I look forward to trying it, as my hair is kind of out of control right now.
  2. I used my LUV<3BBW CLUB card (no longer available, sorry) at Bath & Body Works to score two free candles (the small ones) in yummy fruity scents. I wish I'd gotten to use this before - it gives you one freebie a month, but only on a Thursday. Still, the hoops I had to jump through were worth it, as the free candles were worth $7.
  3. I used my Godiva Rewards card to get a free dark chocolate truffle. (I believe you can still sign up for this deal in the store/online - you get one free chocolate a month, plus specials and shipping deals.)
  4. I tried to get my free Haagen Dazs Midnight Dazzler (freebie on Facebook) but the shop had some complications with their ice cream order, so I need to go back and get it another time.
This week flew by. My kid had two nights where she was up screaming for hours and then two nights where she slept for 9 hours straight (unheard of). She went to school in underpants every day and did really well, with only a few accidents. And she said my cat's name - just once - loudly and clearly. I'm off to my second consignment sale of the season, and I'm hoping to hit a third tomorrow. Happy weekend!

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