Saturday, March 5, 2011

Connecting - March 5, 2011

I feel like lately I'm doing a lot of...connecting.

  • There's the local Twitter-mama Tweet-up (I know, it sounds silly, but it is what it is) I went to a few months ago. I really liked the women I met at it and have continued to be in touch with them, mostly on Twitter.
  • There's the local Twitter-lady Tweet-up that I've gone to twice. Some mamas, some not, all interesting. Plus I get to learn about wine.
  • There's the Moms' Council that I'm a part of - at least for now. I had a nice dinner/drinks night with other moms from across the board one night.
  • Today I went to the IRL event and met other parents of kids with special needs (and the list I made previously about not fitting in didn't really come into play because those topics just didn't come up - sometimes because I deliberately didn't bring them up, heh - yay!). 
  • Next weekend there's a blogger meetup I'm considering going to.
  • In a few weeks is the monthly Kid Lit night in town. I don't technically have a reason to be there - I'm not a YA author and I don't work at the bookstore anymore, but I read YA, I used to work at the bookstore, and I love children's literature. Plus I like the people who run it and who go.
  • And I am technically on the PTA - there's a meeting coming up. Wheeeeee.

It's a lot of being social. It's a lot of energy. It's interesting. I'm not necessarily making new besties, but I am learning a lot from people all over the place. I guess it's part of reclaiming my brain. Figuring out who I am now. Trying to be a better listener and to not necessarily always default to some of my soapboxy type ideas. (Although I still do sometimes.) I have no grand conclusion for this, I just wanted to make a note of it.

Oh look, an Etsy order came in as I was typing...

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  1. I need to be more social. I feel like I just stay at home a lot. I know that is mostly because I despise the cold (I'm originally from a sunnier clime than the one I live in now) so I don't like to go out when it is cold but now that the spring weather is coming, I need to make an effort to get out in the world and connect with people!