Monday, January 2, 2017

Target 90% Off Holiday-Christmas Clearance Haul

When money is tight, I get out my shopping itch at after-holiday clearance sales at Target.

Sometimes I go a little overboard. Sometimes I want to buy ALL THE THINGS. Sometimes I get caught up in the OMGSALE. I've tried to be more careful this year. Here's what I got!

Why yes, I am Jewish, and yes, I bought a bunch of Christmas lights. My husband and I discussed ahead of time how we both kind of wanted some twinkle and sparkle in our lives. When we were first dating a thousand years ago, I used to have lights up in my living room. I said hey, if the clearance is 90% off and the lights are cheap, let's get some. ET VOILA! He wanted FOUR - yes four - boxes of red lights (49 cents each). I wanted more color, so I got a bunch of Wondershow lights (most were 80 cents) and one box of Phillips fancy lights (TWO WHOLE DOLLARS).

Then I got:
  • A little body wash/lotion set for $3 because I just wanted it. 
  • A bag of Ghirardelli peppermint squares for $1.34 (there wasn't a lot of candy left but I also was trying NOT TO BUY CRAP). 
  • A big box of not-specifically-Christmas cards for $1.50. 
  • A little massager thingie (shut up) for $2.99.
  • Three bottles of Method all purpose cleaner in pomegranate scent for 35 cents each WAAAAAAAT. They were hiding in with the regular stuff on the bottom shelf - I knew from two bloggers I follow to keep an eye out (and last year I scored similarly with another brand's holiday editions). I found four bottles and gave one to a fellow bargain hunter who walked by me once and asked if there were more left "No, have one!" "Aw, no thank you." and then walked by me a second time "Are you sure there are none left?" "PLEASE TAKE ONE!" "OK!" (I'm super jealous of people who found other stuff in this line and of hand soap and candles....)
  • A bag of decaf Starbucks Christmas Blend for $1.50 - 90% off despite all other food being 70%. I'm attempting to kick coffee for at least January, but decaf isn't the same! And it was whole bean!
  • Three rolls of washi tape for 20 cents each BECAUSE HI ADDICTION TO WASHI TAPE. They're cute designs too. I use it when I'm packaging my Etsy orders.
  • FIVE EOS lip balms for 89 cents (twitch twitch I so wanted to buy more but restricted myself to five - I like to give these away AND keep them) and four of the hand lotions for 59 cents (I got these last year too, they're awesome).
  • An Elf eyeshadow set for 60 cents because I love Elf.
  • An Elf brush set for $3 because I LOVE ELF. I had my eye on the 10-brush set for a while but it was long gone. I kind of wish I'd gotten two of these but that' hoarder side talking.
  • A little tin of Nivea lip balm for 89 cents and ONE Burt's Bees mint mocha lip balm for 98 cents and then I had to STOP with the makeup. (My store also had a ton of Elf nail polish sets and a lot of Nyx sets that I thought were kind of meh for the price.)
  • And these little paper loaf pans that you can bake in and then give away for 69 cents even though I bought these before and haven't used them yet I REALLY WILL THIS TIME I WILL.

I spent $31.43 plus tax on all this. BUT WAIT. BEST PART. I paid with gift cards that I bought when gift cards themselves were 10% off! So REALLY I only spent $28.28! AND IT WAS SUCH A RUSH AND NOW MY HOUSE WILL BE SPARKLY AS WILL I.

I wish I could go to the other two Targets in the area (one is in a fancy area and they tuck the clearance upstairs and out of the way and it's OFTEN very well stocked, the other is usually picked over but I like to look) but....I think I did just fine. Scratched that itch.

Happy 2017!

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