Sunday, March 6, 2016

Small Thrifting Post with One Major Score - March 6, 2016

On Friday I took a mental health day with Amy. We went to two thrift stores - favorite-of-all-time doggy kitty store and new intriguing religious-based shop that recently moved and reopened a bit bigger and better organized.

I didn't get much and I put a lot back (trying to keep the KonMari Spark Joy concept in the back of my mind - I have also, over the past month, purged 50 books - a tiny fraction of what I need to do but a start! - and started filling a garbage bag with clothing I don't wear/don't like/don't need/doesn't fit).  Somehow I unfortunately still wound up with a piece of clothing that needs work - but also one of my top ten favorite thrifted items of all time.

These pictures are terrible - I took them with my iPhone when I realized that the current setup of my DSLR wouldn't do for this set and I didn't have time to switch everything out this morning but I really wanted to get a post up for my own records. However, I now have a tripod and wireless remote (and nice flash that I need to learn) so my plan is to start posting pictures of me actually wearing the clothing. Maybe I'll even get to updating these pictures that way this week.

See what I mean? Bad pictures. But this is a black Gap dress that I loved because it is absolutely a "throw this on when it's really hot outside and look fancier than I feel" dress. I think it was $2.50?

This sweater SPARKED JOY. It's super soft and it fits me beautifully. But you can't really see anything in this picture, can you? It's a V-neck with a sort of cable going on. $1.50?

(Here, I took this with the DSLR really fast and while it's blurry, you can see the shape and detail of the sweater far better.)

Target-Levis (Denizen jeans). They claim to er, squish/hold you in or whatever. They were fine and I pretty much live in denim capris in the summer. I don't know - $1.50?

Argh. These are Levis capris and I really liked them. Amy pointed out that they were missing the buttons on the back pockets and I said eh, I wear long shirts so it won't show. What I just noticed is it's also missing a button on the front - it's a two-button closure. Again, a long shirt will probably hide it but if I'd noticed that one, I might've just put these back. Oh well. I'll make them work - I really do like how they fit.

Just a basic purple Gap t-shirt, NBD.

So that was all from doggy-kitty store and I think I spent $10 plus change - honestly, as I told the cashier, the least I've likely ever spent at that store. I was so well behaved, I'm telling you.

Then we hit the religious-based store because I wanted to look for frames for some of the prints I've had made and that store has a pretty good price on a pretty good frame selection. I didn't find any frames, and I was sort of aimlessly wandering when Amy pulled this out of the juniors-shirts section. And I screamed and I said "I don't care if it fits, I'm buying that." BUT I TRIED IT ON AND IT FITS.

It is a real Betsey Johnson babydoll dress! And it's older, based on what the tag looks like to me, and it is FANTASTIC. The empire waist hits me just right, at least as far as I'm concerned, and it twirls out a little bit and it's fabulous. I love it. It's wrinkly and I think that for a change I'm not going to chance it with hand-washing, I'm really going to have it dry cleaned. (It is 100% rayon and my Googling tells me that I'll really be risking it if I wash it myself and I LIKE THIS TOO MUCH.) I convinced the cashier that it was more of a shirt than a dress (it's short and I actually really liked it over my skinny jeans and black boots and likely will wear it more as a long-shirt-with-leggings I think) so it was $2.50. AH! And I promise that I will get a picture of me wearing this - me in all my pink-and-orange-haired glory. I look very 90s Riot Grrl/Courtney Love I think. This is actually my second Betsey Johnson piece but my first is this weird lace overlay thing that I bought for a dollar as a joke. This. THIS I WILL WEAR.

Stay tuned for better pictures. Of me!

...Like this!

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