Sunday, January 12, 2014

First (Thrifting) Post of 2014 - January 12, 2014

I have a post brewing about how December was a disaster for my family, between my cat's health issues and mine. Long story short, I had surgery but I am OK now. But of course it's just so much more complicated than that.

When I finally got the news that I would be fine, I needed friend-and-shopping therapy. And so I ran away to Amy's neck of the woods.

We hit three thrift stores, but I don't think I really bought all that much, as you'll see. But we also went to Big Lots, Dollar Tree, a craft store that shall go unnamed because I disagree with all of its politics but I was there so..., and Tuesday Morning. I bought lots of paper/glue for my new Silhouette Cameo and I look forward to making a "pretending to be a craft blogger" post to show you things I've made, like etched glasses, etched mason jars, cards, and more. I also bought some kitchen tools and some odds and ends. It was a shopping spree without spending a lot at all.

Here's what I bought at the thrift stores - and look, I am trying the "hanging things and taking pictures of them" approach again. Ah, I'll never be a lifestyle or fashion blogger either...

First up, the Humane Society store. I spent $20 total (with tax) and will try to break down prices, as always.

Cute, comfy Old Navy shirt with snowflakes. So much better in person. I think this was $1.50.

I am pretty sure I have exactly this Old Navy black waffle shirt in exactly this size. I love it. $1.50?

Unexciting black Target t-shirt. $1.50

Sort of silly brown skirt that I somehow fell in love with. $1.

I still haven't tried this Ann Taylor Loft skirt on, but it was only $1, it was in my size, and it's really nice (I love the little dangly bit at the belt) so I took a risk.

I haven't tried this $1 skirt on either but I thought it might work with the new black boots I bought recently from ModCloth. Not shown: A third not-tried-on $1 Banana Republic black skirt that I loved but realized would fit Amy and not me, so I gave it to her.

Squishy waffle hoodie from the Limited. Greener than my picture shows. $2, I think?

Hanna Andersson T-shirt for 50 cents. Too small for my kid but I'll throw it into my consignment pile. (While I decided I'm not going out of my way to thrift-for-consignment, I figure if I come across things like this I can use them to offset the consignment fee I pay.) (I was SO tempted by a few things at the various stores to buy and send to Twice - then I remembered that they seem to arbitrarily reject things and then keep those things and I decided it wasn't worth it.)

Puma shirt that WILL fit the kid. Matches the stuffed logo-Puma she has. 50 cents.

Black soft cords for the kid. I forget what brand. 50 cents.

A huge splurge! These White House/Black Market jeans were "specially priced" at $5. FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS. I laughed - that's still cheaper than Goodwill's jeans! They fit beautifully, and I brightened the picture to try to highlight the subtle but very cute sequins on the back. Dressy jeans! Hooray!

And the most ridiculous thing I've bought in a while. Amy brought it to show me and to laugh because it's Betsey Johnson. Little did Amy know that I have ALWAYS wanted to own some Betsey Johnson clothing - since the early 90s and possibly earlier than that. So of course I had to have this, especially for a mere $1.50. What is it, you ask? This picture really doesn't even show what it is - it's a lace overlay (or possibly a nightgown, but the lace is too beautiful for that I think). It's a size Small that looks much too tiny for me - and even if it fit, what would I put it on over? I have no idea. But I loved it so much I just had to have it. I really try not to do that much anymore, but...I had to.
Not shown: New in package pink tights in the kid's size for 50 cents. She rarely wears tights but there have been a few times where I thought I wished she had some. If they don't get worn, they're off to consignment.

Then we went to two more stores - another indie store and Goodwill. I forgot to take a picture of the plain glass square votive holder that I got for 35 cents but now you can imagine it - I'll etch it (or maybe vinyl it?) and share it here another time.
At the indie store, I gave in to these jeans. They're skinny jeans from the Gap - I need more skinny jeans to wear with boots. Plus they're a bit short, which actually works SO well to tuck into boots. No smushing. $3.

And at Goodwill, I bought this monster. I think it weighs 15 pounds, I swear. It was $2.75 or something and it's to cut up for bottle openers and mirrors (the layout inside is the one that first perfectly on the circles I use). Goodwill has raised its book prices yet again and its clothing prices are still rather ridiculous for many things, I think. I was also burnt out though, so I didn't even look at the clothes.

And that was my thrifting day! Stay tuned in 2014 for more craft posts! More serious posts! More....posts!

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