Saturday, September 21, 2013

Channeling My Inner Tyra - Almost a Thrifting Post - September 21, 2013

On Friday I went thrifting with Amy again (hadn't been for a bit).

I'll do a full-on catalog post soon because I love doing those posts, this is my blog, and so there.

But one piece deserves a post all its own.

I saw this wonderfulness on the rack and pulled it out as a joke. I tried it on, laughed, and then...I couldn't put it back. It had to be mine. It needed to be mine. It WAS mine.

It was a mere two dollars. TWO DOLLARS.

I don't fully understand what the INTENT of this piece is, but I feel that I should wear it to the grocery store. And while vacuuming. And to kindergarten pickup. And while flossing.

My friend Amy took some pictures of me wearing it and I channeled my inner Tyra. Find the light. Remember your neck. Smize.

I am no fashion blogger. I am no fashion model. I was being silly and over the top in our fun "photo shoot." But I like this picture of me. And I never like pictures of me! (Also I never ever wear my hair down because I am in desperate need of a haircut plus I am so low maintenance that throwing it into a ponytail every day is so much easier. But after seeing this picture, I think I actually need to change that.) And this coat...sweater...duster...thing....I adore it in its ridiculousness.

Enough words.

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