Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hey Hey It's a Thrifting Post! - July 20, 2013

This was my first all-day thrifting trip in a while, with no need to rush - but I actually didn't need much, so I didn't buy much. Really! But I found some amazing things including one of my favorite finds ever.

And no, I won't keep you in suspense. I'll show you that favorite thing and then I'll tell you the usual ramble.

OMG IT IS A SILPAT BAKING MAT. And I paid...$1.21 for it. A DOLLAR. Amy suggested that the store probably thought it was just a random placemat and I suspect she's right. I saw the word "Silpat" sticking out from under a pile in the shelves I lovingly call "all the random crap that the Goodwill didn't categorize: office-y and party-supply-ey sort of things" and I GRABBED IT AND SQUEALED. It's in perfect shape - it's not broken, bent, or stained. I rinsed it off and it is like brand new. I bake about once a year, if ever, so I could never justify such a fancy kitchen tool, but now I have one! And now I must bake!

OK. Back up and rewind. First we stopped off at a random thrift store in the middle of nowhere (I'd asked Amy to pull off because I needed coffee and wanted Starbucks) that had a sign promising a book sale. The store was chaotic and kind of overpriced and we were both overwhelmed so we didn't buy anything. And the Starbucks was one of the ones in the area that has the new test-market fresh sodas! But I didn't notice that until after I'd ordered, so I didn't get one. (CSB, right?) Now I want a fresh ginger ale...

Then we hit the favorite amazing indie store that rocks my socks. I will guess at the prices - I know some of them, and some of them just blur, but nothing was more than $2.

Buttery soft T-shirt. I think this was $1.50, maybe?

Skirt with circles embroidered on it. A few loose threads to snip, but this will be great in the fall. $1.

Pin-up-girly/rockabilly (or at least that's what I thought of) skirt. Look at that AWESOME scalloped edge! I love this. OK, so it's a teensy bit tight at the waist. I'll make it work. $1

Old Navy jeans. They're super wide in the legs but I decided I liked how they fit overall so I bought them. $2.

Perfect condition Gymboree top for the kid. We have a thing for ladybugs around here too. 50 cents.

More clothes for the kid. I have a feeling the jeans won't fit, oops. The skirt and top kind of go together. I want her to wear more skirts this year - her steps are getting better, so I think it could happen. 50 cents each piece.

I didn't think I'd love this sweater (Old Navy) quite as much as I did once it was on. $1.50, maybe?

And two books - one's not pictured because I can't find it, so I'll add it later. ($1, hardback book about food.) The other I probably will resell but I couldn't resist:
The No-Cry Sleep Solution is an EXCELLENT book about baby sleep. I want everyone to have a copy!

I think it's autographed by the author. Yes, it could be any Elizabeth, but it was written on a sticker as if it was a special order or something.

Also not pictured because my camera Failed, a little old lady knitted shrug that I think was $1.50. Cream colored and very basic. I'll put it up later if I think of it.

Then we went to Value Village. Not much going on, lots and lots of poorly placed tags making holes in nice things. But I found a few happy-making things, yes.

Hehe. Brooklyn! I miss Brooklyn... $1.45.

Hello Kitty shirt for the kid. Too big now but...bunny ears! $1.45.

Both pairs of jeans for the kid were in the half-price color. One's Old Navy, I forget the other one. One's going to fit for sure. The other was a risk. $2.50 for the two together.
Finally, we went to two different Goodwills. You've already seen the beautiful Silpat I scored at one of them. What else did I get? Not much, as you'll see.

Hello Kitty lunchbag/purse! I adore this.

Hello Kitty insulated lunchbag! (The HK things came from two different GWs.)

And one little tiny book. I swore - NO BOOKS - and yet look. Books. Amy said this is really good so I gave in. $1.50.
The next thrifting trip may be SUPER DELUXE EPIC if it happens. Value Village on half-price-everything day (and we could hit TWO VVs) PLUS the Salvation Army on half-price-clothing day. Here's hoping!
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