Saturday, January 5, 2013

Help Me Replace My Beloved Old Navy Jeans - January 5, 2013

[Note: Still hunting as of May 2015!]
[April 2016 update: Found a pair on eBay!]

This post is completely and totally self-serving and is about jeans, thrift stores, and Old Navy. Feel free to scroll on by. I am just writing it in the hopes of reaching the one person in the universe who might be able to help me.

In August of 2012, I found the perfect pair of jeans at my favorite thrift store. They were Old Navy Flirt jeans from June 2010, and they cost $2, and they fit like a dream. However, as any good thrifter knows, when you find something at a thrift store, you have to look at it as one-of-a-kind and treat it as such because the odds aren't in your favor that you'll ever find another of that thing again.

You may be able to see where this is going. One day I was wearing these beloved jeans, feeling like hot shit, wearing my cute boots and a cute top and being all "Look out world! MARLA IS HERE!" And then I fell. I was carrying the kid's walker down the school's steps and I hit the last step at an awkward angle (sometimes my feet twist out from under me of their own accord - that may have happened too, I'm not sure) and bam. Skidded down in the parking lot. As I picked myself up, embarrassed, I thought "oh please oh please, NOT THE JEANS!" And sure enough, my knees were scraped and bloody, my palms were full of gravel, and my beloved jeans were ripped at one knee. Of course, I thought, any other day when I'd be wearing a pair that I didn't love, I'd be fine. But today I had to trip.

I'm working on mending the rip. I had handed the jeans over to a sewing friend to have her patch them, but then I took them back while I figured out a plan. I might just keep wearing them - torn jeans are in again, right? (Do I even care?) And quite randomly (and the thing that gives me hope and the reason I'm even bothering with this), I found that previously I'd thrifted a nearly identical pair of jeans in a size larger and they are almost perfect as well. (Just a tiny bit loose.) So I think these are out there, somewhere.

Therefore, I figured I'd use my blog to spread the word to those who thrift or those who are cleaning out closets at the beginning of the year - can you please find me another pair of these jeans?

Here's the catch: THEY HAVE TO BE IDENTICAL TO WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SHOW YOU. They can't be almost the same. They have to have every single little detail be exact. Why is this so important? Because these were Old Navy jeans, and Old Navy uses the same style names every year but they change up the cut of the jeans every few months. Plus it matters whether the jeans were made in one country or another. It matters what cotton/spandex ratio they are. Everything matters. This is what makes this all so absolutely ridiculous.

But if you find them, I will pay you back plus some. I probably would consider paying about $15-$20 (that would include shipping) though I'd love to pay much less, of course. If you're in doubt, don't buy them because your purchase does not commit me to a thing and if you're not willing to pay for jeans that I might say no to, then don't continue. Before you ask, yes I've checked eBay multiple times and I even have an alert set up there. I've Googled/Binged/Yahooed my little heart out and I will continue to do so. I've checked other places. I don't need suggestions of where to look - I'm already doing it all, I promise. This is just one part of my process. JUST ONE. I also don't need suggestions of other jeans/styles/whatever - I have lots. I just really really loved these and want more.

And with that, I bring you all the dirty details...after the jump.
These are Old Navy Flirt jeans in a size 2. The pair I have is Long but I would consider Medium. If they were really inexpensive, I'd also consider short to wear over boots, but I'm on the taller side so probably not. And if you found these exact jeans in a size 4, I'd also probably take those off your hands - but a size 2 is what I really want.

The inner back waist has the words "the Flirt" (with that exact capitalization - later styles have a lowercase f) embroidered (not stamped). This is an easy way to know if it's even worth looking at the tag or not as you're going through the racks of jeans at Goodwill. (Er, that's probably just me.) Embroidered "the Flirt" is the key.

They are made in Bangladesh.

They are 85% cotton, 14% polyester, 1% spandex.

The second tag inside the waist band (hiding below the satiny tag that talks about the information above) says the following:

For all I know, these jeans were somehow one of a kind, though I doubt it very much. And as you probably also know, even an identical pair of jeans may not fit properly. But hey, maybe somewhere out there someone will find them or already owns them. YOU NEVER KNOW.



  1. WOW, i'm going through the same thing. I love love love my jeans and they are thining out in the thigh area. Ive even thought about patching the area but I still want more of these jeans. I can do anything in them and feel comfortable. I wear a 2 regular. s/562760-10 v/303911 JAS'10 03/10 and I got my jeans at a thrift store as well. Have you found more? if so let me know how you went about it so I can try the same method. you can email me at My name is Diane.

  2. Hi Marla, I was also looking for the exact style flirt jeans and also found mine at a thrift store too. I didn't know when they came out, so I went to old Navy online directly and they only had them in many, many sizes too small for me �� but the good news for you is I believe that size 2 was the only size that they did have! Lol I was just on there like less than 30 min before this and they were $14.97 free shipping on $50.00 or more! Good luck and if you ever see them in a 14 lol please let me know! Lol.........Nichole L.