Friday, July 20, 2012

Thrifted Jeans - July 20, 2012

As we get ready to head out for another step towards getting my daughter an AAC device (something I am over-the-moon excited about), I am writing this little update featuring the three pairs of jeans I thrifted on a quick run-in-and-out Goodwill trip with two friends. 

This post, I'm trying something different by actually modeling the clothes rather than laying them out on the floor and snapping pictures. The good part of this exercise was that I learned that skinny jeans are cute rolled up and worn with heels...

All jeans at Goodwill are about $7 - a price that, honestly, makes me cringe now that I'm used to paying a lot less at independent thrift stores. However, the flipside to that is that Goodwill carries many many  pairs of jeans. Racks upon racks. Styles, colors, and sizes galore. Often brand new or at least in superb condition. So for a larger selection of quality jeans, I guess I'm OK with paying a bit more. And the first pair below was actually the half-price color of the week, so these averaged out to closer to $6 each.

Half-price! These are So (Kohl's)  - I have another pair of this brand's skinny jeans in my wardrobe already, but since they were half price I grabbed them. I rolled them up for the picture since they're on the long side and it turns out...I love this look! I plan to wear these often in the fall.
New with tags Old Navy "Diva" jeans! These are also supposed to be skinny jeans but they're looser, obviously, than the above. And soft and comfy. They have some fake-distressing on them that I find silly but not distracting. 
Find of the day - possibly of the year, depending on how you look at it! These are PaperDenim&Cloth jeans, which apparently are higher-end designer jeans that also found their way to TJ Maxx at some point - so they were either $200 or $20 new, but either way I got a bargain. They are made in the USA, they're crazy crazy soft, and they're really just well made. The bottom edges were cut but I think that was done by the manufacturer on purpose, as they're not fraying. When I saw them, I wasn't sure if they'd fit but I was determined to try and...they were EXACTLY my size. And in a color that I never would have bought in the past. Breaking out of my clothing rut...that's me! (If you have a sharp eye, you'll notice a wee bit of clumsy Photoshop done in this picture...darn riding-up shirt...)

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