Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thrifting with the family - June 13, 2012

I lied. I got to go thrifting again! All three of us went to visit my friend and since my daughter is rapidly growing out of her shirts, I convinced my husband that we should also stop off at my two favorite stores. And yet...I only bought things at one of the stores, because, let's face it, my closets and her drawers are all bursting at the seams. I'll need more clothes when the weather changes, but for now I'm pretty set with summery stuff.

Still, somehow I managed to get a few things for me and a bunch of things for her. I spent $16 total for everything you'll see below. (My husband bought some shirts at the second store, but this isn't his blog... heh.) Neither she nor I had time to try anything on, was all so cheap, I took chances.

Shorts for her, including a pair that reminded me of one she already has. (Exciting, I know.)

This shirt changes color in the sun. I was hoping to have a before-and-after picture but I didn't have a chance. WATCH THIS SPACE.

Gymboree shorts at the top left. The middle skirt has shorts underneath.

Oh hay Hanna. 

Husband chose this one, which surprised me. It's a know. And it's missing a button on the back (easily fixed). I bet she'll be crazy adorable in it, if she wears it.

And another dress! I picked this one - it's too big but it was so cute. Hopefully she'll wear it eventually.

The T-shirts she needed. Ridiculously consistent color scheme not planned. 

Polka dots!

Time for mama's clothes! I hope this fits. It's also dry-clean only, which is a pain, but so pretty! Ann Taylor Loft!

Running shirt in mint condition.

Oh do I have a weakness for shirts like this. And I am moody...

Cat not thrifted yesterday. He insisted on not moving. The shirts are all plain anyway (I grab plain black shirts when I see them because I love them so - there are 2 black, a brown, and a grey-ish in this picture. And a cat.)

"Look at me! Don't look at the silly toad shirt! LOOK. AT. ME! I CUTE!"
The end!

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