Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break recap, Instagram, Pinterest, and beyond - April 9, 2012

Last week was very very difficult. Luckily we managed to have plans for at least part of most of the days off from preschool, but my daughter is going through some amazing moves forward and so her behavior has taken a dive. Saying more words/sounds = having more tantrums. Standing unassisted for longer and longer periods of time = having more tantrums.

But in the middle of it all, Instagram was released for Android and I did a little happy dance. Look, I'm pretty much an Apple fangirl. I have a MacBook that is now held together with spit, twine, and hope (anyone who wants to buy me a new or new-to-me one, please feel free-and no, I am not joking). I have an iPod Touch (sadly, a generation or two before a camera was added, but I still use it pretty much daily). My daughter has an iPad2. If I could afford to have an iPhone, I very likely would strongly consider it. I can't. I couldn't figure out how to make that work at all budget-wise. But I could afford an inexpensive ($50 on Black Friday!) Android phone (an LG Optimus V) on a pay-as-you-go plan (Virgin Mobile - $45/month for 1200 minutes - which I never come close to using, so might drop this plan down to a cheaper one - plus unlimited everything else). (I like parentheses.) (A lot.) (I'm sorry.) In any case, I have been intrigued by Instagram for forever and even installed it on the iPad but didn't really use it there - now that it's on Android (AND can move to the SD card - my little phone doesn't have much internal memory but I have an 8 gig card...) I'm using it daily.

You can add me on Instagram - I'm marlatiara. You can also follow me at At the moment I'm using it mostly to be silly and to try things out and play around. I confess, I've always wished to be a great photographer. I don't know why I didn't pursue it further - perhaps my short attention span headed me off at the pass. I am NOT going to become a great photographer using Instagram, but I can pretend.

ETA: Me and my big mouth. Facebook bought Instagram. I really believe that's why the Android app finally appeared - it likely was the final piece of the acquisition puzzle. We'll see what happens now. PicPlz is almost identical (I like some of the filters better, actually) so feel free to find me there too (marlatiara) and I'll see what I do with what I do.

Other Android apps I like for photo editing and/or photo manipulation: Pixlr-o-matic, ActionSnap, FxCamera, Vignette, Retouch, Photo Grid. All are free, all can move to the SD card, and all seem to work well with Instamatic. I also bought IncrediBooth for the iPad (using an iTunes gift card I earned from one of my various earning sites) and ADORE it - that app makes me wish for an iPhone again...or a phone with a front-facing camera.

(And for some speech therapy needs, I just bought an inexpensive laminator, but I'm already also plotting to make things with these new filtered, tweaked, silly pictures too.)

(And speaking of SD card, yes now the ENORMOUS Weight Watchers app can supposedly move there, but I attempted it and it was fail fail fail. I'll have to continue to use the mobile web version on my phone and the far-superior app on my iPod until WW moves into 2012 with the rest of us. Ahem. Streamline that app and make it actually WORK when it moves to the card, would ya?)

Oh and I'm now two months into being a Lifetime member and things are going swimmingly, though Passover has been challenging so far. I'm almost eating too little in fear of eating too much, but I have a whole week to navigate this challenge and then to move on. I have a list of recipes and a fridge full of fresh fruits and vegetables, I'm OK. BUT I DIGRESS.

I'm also on Pinterest, if I haven't mentioned it yet - I'm marlatiara there too (notice a theme?) and you are welcome to add and follow me. Alas, the influx of ridiculous spambots over there (WHY? WHAT IS YOUR POINT, SPAMMERS?) has made me wary of following back, but I'm pretty good at spotting a real person from a fake one so go for it. I pin recipes (healthy-ish, vegetarian, low calorie, some indulgences), DIY projects, fitness tips and inspiration, and more.

Are you on Instagram? Are you on Pinterest? Any other sites/apps that you want me to check out?


  1. The WeightWatchers app doesn't work worth a darn on my phone, and I didn't even put it on the SD card. But their barcode scanner app works great for me, and I have a lot of my favorites saved there, so I can add them that way without loading the mobile web site. Have you tried the barcode scanner app?

  2. Yup - I thought I mentioned it to you the other day. ;) I have it but I don't really like it because most of the stuff I buy isn't in it and I usually just pull out the iPod and use the app/calculator on there instead if I don't know offhand. It's just frustrating that they are sort of TRYING to get it to work but failing so miserably.

  3. Oh WW fail:

    • Not compatible with Android 3.0
    • App requires 17mb of internal storage space initially and an additional 30mb to store food database
    • Recommended that devices have 512mb of memory and 60mb of internal storage free

    THIRTY MEGABYTES to host the food database locally. Ridiculous. And now I wonder if the Apple app is similar (I have a 32 gig iPod so I wouldn't notice but...). Yuck.