Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thrifting Post Again! - March 15, 2012

You love it! You do! It's another thrifting post!

I was going to make another vlog about the finds, but I decided that I prefer to have a photographic catalog of my finds so I can look back and see what's what. So you get pictures - scroll on by!

The backstory is that as you saw on Wordless Wednesday, my clothes from last summer no longer fit me (hooray! for a change this is a good thing!). I sold the shorts in that picture to someone else (the smaller shorts will appear in a bit) as well as another pair and I used that money plus a little bit more to fill in some gaps in my summer wardrobe. My goal was shorts. I fell a bit short of that goal but I still did really well and do have new summer clothes in happy-making sizes - and of course I got my daughter even more clothing because I cannot resist clothes that are 50 to 70 cents a piece for high-end brands. (Yes, I'd just hit some half-price days at local consignment sales and got her things, but the pickings were slim this year and she still needed a few more things.)

We hit three stores, we bought things at two. The third store, an indie store with an excellent charitable background, was overpriced when compared to the other two (as in, if you only went in that one you'd probably think the prices were fine - they were in line with Goodwill prices) but it did have some gorgeous refinished furniture that I coveted - it was appropriately priced and actually a STEAL for what it was.

(I used to lovingly Photoshop every picture to adjust for color and cropping and...yeah, I just don't have the energy for that anymore so I only did it to some of them.)

Store #1 - All clothes were 30% off. Which is ridiculous since everything was so cheap already!

Click to see this bigger. These are MINI BODEN cords for my kid. They are in nearly perfect condition (there's a spot on one that won't show) and adorable with hearts on the knees and butt. They will fit her in the fall for sure. They were 70 cents each. I died.

More kid clothes. Three pairs of jeans (one has a tiny rip in the back pocket, no big) - two Old Navy, one Carters. One pair of capri leggings. 70 cents each. Yeah yeah yeah.

Two T-shirts that actually fit me. Ann Taylor Loft, Gap. Pretty sure these were $2 each.
I am in love with this shirt. Old Navy. $2.

Squishy comfy Old Navy shirt. $2.

Workout/running shirts - $2 each (the tank may have been $1-something). Because of these, I'll be able to return the Target-on-clearance shirt I bought the other day, because I got these three for less than I paid for that one.

Cords from Express - $2.

The Wordless Wednesday shorts! Identical to what I wore last year, but many sizes smaller. $1-ish.

Super-soft Gap pants. They're a bit long but they'll look great with boots/heels. $2.

Old Navy capris that I am in love with, Gap capris that are OK and comfy. $1-ish each. Now I just need to find shoes to go with these.
Then onward to the Humane Society store which has amazingly ridiculously cheap everyday prices - but not always the selection that other stores have, so finds are extra exciting. (Oh, is that just me?) I mostly got things for the kid because kid clothes are always 50 cents a piece...yeahhhhh.

Impossible-to-photograph super soft/swingy/stretchy black skirt. $1. I have another skirt that is similar - good for pulling on with a T-shirt to feel "dressed up" when I'm not really.

Ridiculous faux-retro T-shirts for me - 50 cents each. The belt was $1 - I've been looking for a wide, stretchy belt to try with some of my longer shirts and/or dresses. We'll see. For $1 it was worth the risk that it will suck and if it's good, I might splurge on a nicer one.
 Everything else was 50 cents a piece and is for the kid...
American Girl Store Atlanta shirt. I basically bought this because I was amused realizing that at the store itself this shirt is probably $20 or something. My kid has zero interest in that sort of thing but will look cute in it.

Kid pants! The Old Navy brown pants turn into capris with a roll and a button and a VOILA!

The green skirt/shorts combo is Gymboree. The purple shorts are Old Navy.

SUPER sweet Gymboree spring sweater.

And finally, something that my friend found for me at the Humane Society when I wasn't with her. She paid $2 for this. TWO DOLLARS.

A real not-freebie-or-giveaway but $150-ish Thrashers jersey that FITS ME. RIP Atlanta Thrashers, I miss you still. I can wear this to Gwinnett Gladiators games! Seriously, it's perfect.

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