Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Asking a Question Using a Longwinded Metaphor (Special Needs Parent Post) - September 7, 2011

What do you do when life throws you a roadblock? Not even necessarily a big one. Not something dire. Just that you finally think you've found a way to make your car go along a bumpy road and navigate the twists and turns and then there's a tree that has fallen in the middle of your path. What do you do when you really just want to turn your car around and go home (but you can't) or you want to sit in your car and cry (but really, you can't) or you want to make someone make all the trees in the world vanish (but seriously, you can't)? But your car still goes - in fact, it's really going well lately! - and the sun is shining, it's not even raining, and if you could just get past that fucking tree maybe you'd have a few minutes where the right song would come on the radio and you could sing along in harmony....

Right now I'm getting myself ready to climb out of the car and go to the store and search for just the right saw to chop down the damn tree so I can continue on my way.

And maybe someday I'll decide to talk about more than cars and trees and will instead tell you about my beautiful, smart, complicated daughter and how I am wondering when I'm going to figure this all out, because as I'm sure nobody is surprised and everyone can understand, just when I thought I had figured things out, something new came along.

[Since occasionally people who know me in real life and/or are related to me do read my blog, I feel the need to add that there is nothing WRONG and nobody is sick and there is nothing to be concerned about. I am just venting.]

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