Monday, November 1, 2010

Publix savings (and Halloween stuff) - November 1, 2010

A decent savings percentage at Publix.
We hadn't been on a big stock-up grocery trip in a bit, plus we were out of essentials, so off we went to Publix yesterday. I scored two free cans of Progresso black beans (using the recent printable - I don't know if it's still available - for 50 cents off any item that wasn't soup) and three free boxes of Ronzoni garden pasta (using the recent coupon for a dollar off). Plus I got whole wheat pasta for 45 cents a box, Starbucks ice cream for 70 cents a pint, and Cambpell's Select Harvest soup for around 70 cents a can. Alas, even with all those coupons, the total was high because we also got fruits and veggies and milk and other things that weren't on sale. Ouch. Also the store was out of the 100-calorie bread that was on sale and I didn't have the time/energy to deal with asking about that. Still, 30% savings and tons of free stuff makes me happy.

Then we also went to Trader Joe's and spent another $81.95 on more stock-up items (Almond Breeze, more soup - my favorite kind this time, coffee, the mints that come in the tin I use to package my necklaces - still a temporary solution but we DO like those mints - a pumpkin, and a bunch of other things...). I decided that I'm going to keep track during November of exactly what we spend on groceries. I think we probably spend too much even with my couponing, and I think we could cut back, I just have to figure out where and how. (I know, I know....Trader Joe's is amazing for saving on some things but it's so easy to overspend there.)

Last night's Halloween festivities were tons of fun. It was the first time my daughter (dressed in a butterfly costume from Old Navy that I got on sale + used a coupon for) got to go trick or treating, but she picked up on the concept pretty quickly and didn't want to stop. Our little city has a few hot spots that we hit - hundreds of kids in costumes milling around grabbing candy at each house. I made sure my daughter signed "thank you" at each house. The streets were too crowded for her to use her walker, but she walked really well with our help. I'm so proud of her. Maybe next year she'll walk unassisted to each house. And now mama has lots of candy. I mean, um, she has lots of candy. Sure. I did let her have some Kit Kat...

Today we're off to Target to check out the discounted Halloween goodies. The past few years haven't been that exciting - they only mark down the candy 30% instead of 50% (at least to start) and a lot of the merchandise is picked over. But I like the hand towels and the baking stuff, and I do have Dove coupons that should make for some cheap candy. I'm trying to get back on a diet (seeing pictures of myself in costume gave me a bit of a push) but I also don't think total deprivation is the answer. A chocolate each day (not even a whole serving) should help me along...right?

Also it's almost my birthday - hooray! And the birthday freebies/coupons are starting to trickle in. Love it.

PS My friend just reminded me that November is NaNoWriMo. Maybe I'll try it again this year. The best I did in the past was about 10,000 words....

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