Monday, October 4, 2010

More yummy books - October 4, 2010

As I mentioned, I went back to half-price day at my Favorite Booksale of the Year (really, that's its official title...OK, no...). It was picked over, as expected, but there were still amazing finds to be found at ridiculously cheap prices. I put back so much because I am trying to be good...

I wanted to upload all of these pictures easily, but again I'm having trouble with Blogger's upload feature and am having to put them manually into PicasaWeb (no, I don't want to download the program - not yet anyway) and then manually put the links in here. Yuck. But I do it for you! YOU my reading public! (ha)

$1 - I almost bought this book on the first, full-price day. I put it back sadly. It was still there, so I had to get it! (This was the only Chronicle cookbook I allowed myself. Sigh.)
$1 - Squee! Cursing in Yiddish!
$1 - It's Boynton, it's music, it's a parody of chant music. And actually the music on the CD is quite beautiful - it's the lyrics (Pig Latin and bastardized Latin) that are silly, but not the singing.
25 cent book for the kid.
50 cent book for the kid. She loves this one.
50 cents - Looks fascinating for a kid-in-an-adult-body like me.
50 cents - I've always wanted to read this.
50 cents - I sort of collect these.
50 cents - I LOVE Tom Tomorrow.
$1 - I'm totally into these science/memoir type books. (See: Mary Roach.)
50 cents - I haven't been writing enough lately (non-Internet-like). Hopefully this will help.
$1 - A last-minute grab that's totally disappointing. Just reprinted essays. Eh. Probably will just redonate ASAP.

Then my friend gave me some of the books she was purging to make room for her haul of the day:

Food! Questions! Yay!
Books! Kitties! Extra yay! (I've also wanted to read this for a while.)
I read Beautiful Boy and it tore out my heart. I kind of have to read his son's version of the events.
A Buffy-sort-of graphic novel.
Burroughs for my husband (and me).
The kid approves! (I'm still nervous about posting pictures of her here - can you tell?)
I have a ton of Halloween buttons to make (my own designs - still drawing up a storm! - and some vintage art) for the local bookstore to carry this month. But first, I'm going to hop on the Wii Fit and do the free step program while I watch Saturday Night Live...

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