Friday, October 8, 2010

General ramble for a Friday in a Friday Five sort of way - October 8, 2010

I wanted to do a Friday Five today, but hasn't updated (yet?) and the Friday Five on Livejournal is all about Disney, and I'm not really into talking about Disney. So I'll give you a list of five things instead:
  1. Yesterday we kept the kid home from preschool with a slight fever and a bit of sniffles and pukeyness. Thus, it was a Very Long Day. 
  2. We went to Target and I could not resist buying her a black shirt with a shiny pink skull on it. Halloween clothes are so cute - and cheap. We have a princess birthday party to go to tomorrow - do you think that shirt is appropriate? (Rhetorical question. But we don't really have any princessy outfits since a kid who can't walk can't really wear dresses very well, so I will have to figure something out.)
  3. The kid's private speech therapist came by to try to do a session yesterday, but illness and crankiness cut the visit short. However, we all played with shaving cream and it was more fun and less messy than I expected. Plus as I knew already, my kid doesn't have many sensory concerns. 
  4. I often wonder if people think my daughter is autistic because she's three and can't walk or talk. It's a hard thing to randomly address, so I often keep quiet. I have found that as the years go by, it becomes easier and easier to simply say "She has mild cerebral palsy" in a straightforward way, with a smile, without flinching quite as much.
  5. It's the weekend! We have the aforementioned princess party, which should be fun. And my friend Meredith will be in town - she's the tour manager for Rachael Sage, who is also a friend of mine from way back when. We can't go to the show at Eddie's Attic (we're working on finding babysitters in general, but we don't have any quite yet) but we always manage to grab dinner with Meredith and say hello to the ever-so-sparkly Ms. Sage (whose music you should check out immediately).
I leave you with a new design of mine - a spider button (I drew the spider and also just learned how to make a photorealistic-ish shiny button image). He's not in my Etsy shop yet, but if you'd like one I can always make you a special listing. (And hooray, Blogger image uploads work again!)
Super cute Halloween spider one-inch button.

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