Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Photo a Day: Day 20

I spent the entire day today taking care of something and didn't have time to take any pictures. But I'm a determined lady, yes I am.

FatMumSlim's prompt was "Patterns" today, this was my submission, it's from a few days ago, lalala.

  • My new camera strap arrived! It's much longer than the standard Canon one I had so I can wear the camera cross-body, but also ADORABLE. Double sided - one side is multicolored birds, one side is plain turquoise. It's from CraftyStaci on Etsy and I LOVE IT. Photos soon.
  • Someone suggested a few photography podcasts to me today and I'm looking forward to listening and learning more. (The downside: I already have too many podcasts AND I have the Welcome to Night Vale audio book out of the library - when will I have time to listen to all the things????)

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