Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pretty please vote for me? - July 28, 2012

Working on some new posts and debating whether to hit the publish button on some of the more controversial ones (religion! having a second baby! deep thoughts galore!).

In the mean time, I really could use your help. There was a PBR-themed art show and I was one of the artists who made something for it. Now everyone who made something for the show has been entered into a contest and the top three vote-getters win cash!

Can you please go to the above link and vote for my bottle opener? It's the one with the silly pirate joke on it. Right now I'm in fourth place - I'm so close!

I'm saving up to take a Reiki class so I can help myself and my daughter, and the money will go directly to that. The class is in September and I'm really excited about it. She's responded very well to Reiki healing in the past and it would be wonderful if I could be the one to give it to her going forward.

Please and thank you!

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