Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bento and Smoothie of the Day - August 17, 2010

Bento for the kid - August 17, 2010

Another day of preschool, another bento lunch. This one has a half sandwich with sunflower seed butter, some Snapea Crisps and some Annie's cheddar bunnies, and mandarin oranges and cut up strawberries. The food jar has lentils mixed with parmesan cheese and some ground up veggies (hooray Vitamix). Plus I threw in a cereal bar, and I think I remembered to include a string cheese as well.

Tuesday Smoothie!
I wish I'd remembered to take a before picture of this smoothie, as I threw in an entire uncut/unsliced banana and it looked really impressive. I also used fresh strawberries (with the stems still attached) and frozen strawberries, almond milk, flax seeds, frozen spinach, and a little bit of Ovaltine. Whoosh, smoothie! And it was particularly delicious.

I wound up having a morning out with another mom-friend whose son is at camp/preschool this week. It was kind of amazing - and very nice - to just sit and have an uninterrupted conversation and drink my coffee. I miss my daughter when she's at preschool, but I also really appreciate getting a few hours to myself for sure. The only downside to heading out this morning? I had planned to go through a long-ignored pile of papers and sort/shred/file. There's always tomorrow...

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